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Q. Is there a standard banquet hall chair?
A. No, unfortunately there is no such a thing.  We have venues with 30" high chairs and other venues with 45" high chairs.  For Bella ensure that the height is not taller than 37.5 inches to ensure a proper fit that will cover the chairs legs.

Q.  How far in advance should I book my chair covers.
A.  There is no defined time required.  If your wedding is during peak wedding season May-September we recommend 6 months in advance.  Otherwise 3-4 months is normal.  Last minute bookings are also available if the inventory is still not rented.

Q.  I don't have my final count of guests yet what do I do?
A.  Your final numbers are not actually due until 2 weeks prior to your event.   Use your best judgment when booking in the beginning and simply keep us updated if there are changes.

Q.  I read the rental terms - What stains are acceptable?
A.  Natural stains are fine, we can get out anything natural (ie. red wine, blood, food, etc...)  Some things that cannot be removed are Highlighter marks, the liquid inside of glow sticks, food dye from red suckers, pen marks & fabric dye are the only known things that will ruin the chair covers.

Q. When can I pick up my chair covers?
A.  You can pick up a day or two prior at no exta cost.n the date before.  (ie. Friday for Saturday, Saturday for Sunday, Thursday for Friday, etc...)
If you request for pick up on the Thursday we can accommodate you as long as the inventory was not rented the weekend before.  If it was, they would not be back from laundry until late Thursday afternoon or Friday Morning. 

Q. How long does it take to put on chair covers, is it hard?
A.  It is really easy to put them on, no training is required.  It takes about 40 minutes to put on 100 chair covers for 1 person.  4 people would take 10 minutes to put on 100 chair covers.

Q. How can I book my chair covers?
A.  You can come in and book them personally or online with the "Book ONLINE Here!" link. 

Q. Can I view the chair covers?
A.  Yes, we are open 9am- 7pm Mon - Fri, 9-4pm Sat & 11-4pm Sunday.  Closed on Holidays.  There is no need for an appointment, this is an office, showroom, warehouse which is always open during these hours.

Q. How much room will the chair covers take up in my car?
A.  A small car with the trunk and back seat can hold about 200 chair covers.
A mid size car can hold about 250.
An SUV can hold about 350.
A mini van can hold about 600.
Again this is assumed that the trunk and back seats will be empty and/or folded down.
The are loaded flat into your vehicle in regular poly bags, not in boxes or any containers,

Q. Do you rent anything else?
We only rent Chair Covers, nothing else.  For decoration needs please contact

Tel: 416-241-3364
Toll Free 1-888-300-5358
Fax: 416-241-4383


We can produce chair covers, sashes, overlay, table cloth and napkins for Canada and the USA. Materials can be satin, satin stripe (imperial stripe), organza, chameleon, crushed chameleon, solid oxford, poly/cotton damask, polyester twill, Polyester VISA, Polyester damask.

For chair covers, we have many existing styles for our customers to select.
We can produce the chair covers according to your samples.

Sashes can be produced from organza, polyester satin, chameleon, crushed chameleon and so on.

For overlay, our materials can be organza, chameleon, crushed chameleon and so on
Materials can be Satin, Satin Stripe (imperial stripe), Chameleon, Polyester oxford, Poly/cotton damask, Polyester twill, Polyester VISA, Polyester damask.

See our Table Cloth category for different sizes.
Materials can be satin, satin stripe (imperial stripe), organza, chameleon, crushed chameleon, solid oxford, poly/cotton damask, polyester twill, Polyester VISA, Polyester damask.

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