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Chair Covers rented cheaply $1.75 Rental Procedures

Come to our location in person (see contact us page for directions and map) or you can use the BOOK Online link on the site and we will email out a contract to you that you can fax back to us.

For full service customers - Set up will begin and be completed before your event's starting time.
Pickup will commence when DJ plays final song or at 1:00am whichever occurs first.  

For Do-It-Yourself customers - Pick up is available a day or two before the event and drop off is the next available date by 2:00pm. (Sundays/Holidays not included) 
We are now open Sundays 11-4pm for your convenience.

Below are the contract TERMS you will be agreeing and signing to.


1.   By accepting rented items, customer agrees to all terms and conditions shown on this rental contract.

2.   This rental contract forms the sole agreement between the customer and Chair Cover King. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold Chair Covers King harmless for any claims from customers use or misuse, including any third parties for loss, injury, and damage to persons or property arising out of the customer’s negligence or operation including legal costs incurred in defense of such claims.

3.   It is the customer’s responsibility to check the contract for accuracy concerning items rented and location(s) if delivery is involved.

4.   It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure accuracy of count if picking up.

5.   The Customer acknowledges that they are personally responsible for inspecting the rental items prior to their use on the event date and find them suitable for use. Notification of any defects must be made on or before the event date. The Customer acknowledges that there are no warranties on these items from minor defects, as there may be some minor defects on items from normal wear and tear, that are not readily apparent. These defects do not constitute a breach of contract.

6.   A 50% non refundable deposit, a valid credit card on file and signed agreement are required to book rental items.

7.   Do-It-Yourself rental items must be returned on the following business day by 2:00pm to avoid late charges. (Sundays & Holidays not included).

8.   Returned items must be free of wax, excessive food, garbage or pins. Ties must be undone prior to return.  A $25.00 charge is assessed by the cleaning company if ties are required to be undone or pins removed at their facility.

 9.   Pick up of Full Service rental items will commence at the end of the function.  End of function is determined by the DJ’s last song or 1:00am, whichever occurs first, regardless of extended party hours.

10.  Late return fees are ½ of the original rental rate for each late day or part thereof.

11.  Customer assumes full responsibility for all rented items, including their safe and proper use, operation, maintenance, and return.  Customer is responsible for all losses, damages or repairs.  All items have a replacement value of (7) seven times the rental value, plus applicable taxes, when not returned, found at time of pick up, or in a condition that has permanently altered its proper use or appearance.  Third parties (ie. event planners, hosting facility, caterers, etc…) cannot be held responsible for payment of lost or damaged items.

12.  We reserve the right and your signature is in agreement to charge the cost of lost or damaged items to the credit card you have placed on file with us.

13.  Cancellations and/or reductions must be made a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of the function to avoid full charge of the contract.  In no case is the 50% deposit refundable.

 14. The Customer agrees that a faxed or emailed copy of this contract with the Customer’s signature can serve as a legal binding consent to the contract and its terms and conditions regarding the items specified on the customer’s Rental Contract.

15.  Special nylon bags will be provided for returning rented chair covers. One (1) bag for each twenty (20) chair covers rented or part thereof.  The replacement cost for nylon bags not returned is $15.00 each.

16.  A $250 Pre-Authorization will be placed on the credit card on file.  This authorization expires after rented items are returned to our warehouse.

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